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Vampire tarot decks are designed to help you face your fears (as well as your hopes, passions and joys) by reconciling all the energies within yourself into a balanced whole. The cards represent different elements, emotions, and events (some happy, some scary) that you encounter in life. Many of your fears are like silhouetted figures projected onto a screen from a magic lantern deep within yourself: exaggerated projections of ordinary objects. You will find that these fears do not belong to your true self (at least not your whole self) and they are forever changing.

One of your biggest fears is probably the fear of losing your self identity. This fear often reveals itself when you experience romantic love. Vampire myths illustrate this idea through the ecstacy of surrender when merging with another sexually or in the exchange of blood, which blurs the boundaries between self and other. On an inner level, this symbolizes the surrendering of your ego into the eerie realms of the unconscious. The conscious mind resists such surrender for fear of losing your identity, while your unconscious hungers for release from the tight grip of the ego, into a place of boundless love and belonging.

A tale of gothic horror and romance, the vampire myth also illustrates an encounter with the higher self on a personal level, with the eternal promise of self-realization and the eventual curse-turned-joy. The dormant tomb-bound vampire can represent your earthly existence and your longing for spiritual awakening. The vampire is woken and rejuvenated by the inflow of untainted lifeblood which is a metaphor for salvation through purification.

The vampire myth also teaches you that times of hibernation and stillness are needed in order to regenerate and realign yourself with the Everlasting that pervades all of nature. You need time to empty your mind and reconnect with the flow of the source. Your earthly and spiritual natures are reflections of one another and both have equal importance. This is symbolised in the transformation from slumber after a time of inner questing and questioning. The cycle of life, death, and rebirth are central themes to vampire tarot decks which are tools that enable you to side-step your rational, ego-centric viewpoint for one of deeper unconscious. This will help reveal formerly hidden truths and provide wider understanding of a situation and greater freedom to explore it.

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